Tuesday 9 September 2014

Transfer Video Direct to Digital?

As our direct to Digital service increases in popularity we have installed another Teranex processor.
Made by Black Magic Design the Teranex offers incredible results. Direct to digital transfers from videotape are ideal if you want to edit your home movies and perhaps produce a special memento of a special occasion from your families past. You can also email and share your memories. Details and ordering for our Video to Digital service can be found here.

Friday 5 September 2014

Protecting Your Memories

With the recent headlines about an anonymous hacker stealing hundreds of private images stored in the cloud, from over 100 celebrities, we all need to question just how vulnerable the cloud can be for digital content. That's not just our documents and newly created digital images, but our memories if we chose to store them in the cloud. Not only are the files stored on the cloud at risk from potential hackers copying the content, but that means they could also delete, alter or infect them with a computer virus as well. Here at Video and Cine 2 DVD transfers we have always understood that the safest way to store your digital memories is on Optical discs,that's CDs and DVDs in layman's terms or on multiple hard drives/USB storage. This means material cannot be accessed remotely, altered, or deleted. Using recordable CD's, DVD's and/or Blu-ray media is the best method to ensure that your digital content will not fall into the wrong hands or broadcast across the internet. This is why we offer transfers to DVD and digital and NOT to the cloud. You keep control and there's no annual subscription to pay unlike services that offer cloud storage.