Thursday 14 May 2009

The History of TV

Here's a great web site that I came across whilst surfing....

Run by a guy called Tom Genova it's a clean and clearly laid out web site that tells you every thing you could possible want to know about the development and history of TV. From early sets mounted in their beautiful wooden cases right through to HD. The number of photographs of sets is incredible and well worth a look purely to see the styles and changes in fashion

Finally the links to collections page is well worth checking out, there are some fantastic collections out their.

Copy Right Laws... are you breaking them?

Did you know just how awkward our copyright laws are? Ever stopped to wonder if you are breaking the law when you load your favourite Cd on to your Ipod? or when you record tonights TV soaps so you can pop down the pub?

These are all things we do daily and don't stop to think twice. Dig a little deeper and you'll be surprised.

Broadly speaking you can sum up Copyright laws in this one sentence :-
"You should only copy or use a work protected by copyright with the copyright owner's permission.You should only copy or use a work protected by copyright with the copyright owner's permission."

You'll often hear people say that you are allowed to make one copy of a CD or DVD for your own use. Well, this seems to be an accepted standing but actually is not to the letter of the law, unless of course the piece of software or DVD you bought clearly says this in writing.

Don't believe me? Well check out the FAQ at the IPO web site. That's the Intellectual Property Office!

Here's an example

Can I copy a CD that I have purchased onto my MP3 Player?
No, this is not legal under UK law. There is no exception to copyright for the purpose of private copying. Permission would be needed from the copyright owner.
There are number of legal download websites available to the public that allow you to download music onto your MP3 player.

So you'll see now why we have to be responsible when we are asked to copy peoples favourite exercise video VHS to DVD. BUT, all may not be lost as in my experience you can usually track down the publishers and ask them to send you permission in an Email...

Thursday 7 May 2009

Edge damaged VHS to DVD

I am often asked if we can sort out problems with damaged videotapes. Tapes that don't play so well. These tapes are always of precious family events.

The problem with a rewquest like this is that there are so many things that can lead to poor play back of a videotape. Poor original recording, poor storage, over use and physical damage.

Using our equipment we are able to get the best reults from any given tape, but some problems and damage can not be overcome.

What is certain though is that the problem with the tapw will not get better. So if, for example, you have an edge damaged VHS tape. Continued playing of it will make the problem worse. By having a VHS to DVD transfer made you will preserve the footage before it is gone completely.