Thursday 22 April 2010

Video2DVDtransfers sponsors Yachty

I'm pleased to offer our support to Jason Clark.

Jason has no previous sailing experience but is spending the next two years refitting a 22 ft yacht ready to enter the Jester Challenge. A single handed race that will take him from the UK to the azores.

A journey that will raise money for the cancer charity Christies.

Please visit his web site to learn more and donate.

Check back here for further updates on his progress and the ways in which we'll be offering support

Thursday 15 April 2010

Which camcorder should I buy

Interestingly I had a couple of customers in my office during yesterday that got me back on a soap box. Why do so many shop assistants think that the best camcorder for everyone to buy is the most expensive and modern?

Witness my pet hate of always trying to sell HDD hi def camcorders. These are great for the techno savy but I am regularly phoned by a customer with many many hours recorded on to their now full hard drives. Who have no idea how to get the footage off them and on to a format they can readliy use and share. Often the customer doesn't even have a Hi Def TV as yet. HDD camcorders are great if you are PC literate and upto date on all your other technology.

One of my customers had been sold a TV, Blu Ray player and camcorder. She'd even had a blu ray drive added to the family PC and was happily burning Blu Ray discs from the camcorder. BUT, she couldn't understand why the disc she made were not playing for friends in their DVD players. The second customer, luckily had not bought a camcorder yet but is expecting her first baby and windering what to buy. She admnits to not being a techy. I suggested one that takes SD cards so she can easily have some one else make the transfers.

So... yes there are lots of options and some very fine cutting edge technologies out there but when researching you need to consider a number the whole process. From shooting to sharing and archiving the memories.

Promotional Video for V2DT

Check out our new promo reel shot for us by Darren at Cliff Productions.

It gives an insight in to the story behind a customers film and show some of how we work on your treasured memories.